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January 16 Librarian’s Lines

January Librarian’s Lines

Dr. Linda LeBert-Corbello



What a great way to begin a new year!  We are having some clear brisk days filled with plenty of sunshine.  It certainly makes life seem brighter, doesn’t it?  Although, I must say, the rainy days do provide for great indoor reading time while enjoying hot chocolate.  Yet, for all book lovers reading time is anytime.


The State Library of Louisiana has informed us of a webinar for parents that will be available on Tuesday, January 19th at 7 PM Central Standard Time.  The webinar will introduce Credo Literati, a database that can be found on our website.  Parents will be introduced to types of materials available to parents in assisting their children with appropriate content for research (ages 9-17).


Jefferson Davis Parish Library patrons can access Liberati by going to our website.   Patrons can then look toward the right under Louisiana Statewide Databases and then scroll down the alphabetical listings to Literati.  The ad posted by the State Library of Louisiana as provided by Credo Literati reads:


“Parents:  Your public library offers online databases that present an alternative to conducting research on the open web.  Join us for a 45 minute online tour of your public library’s Credo Reference e-book collection! See the best reference e-books to help your student with their studies.  We’ll highlight content appropriate for ages 9 through 17-all fully accessible from home with a library card.”


To register visit the site below:


I encourage all to participate in this free webinar.  If forty-five minutes of your time increases your knowledge base to aid parents in working with children & their research, what a powerful way to spend 45 minutes.

Our R & R classes scheduled at Jennings Headquarters include:

January 21-Floral Presentation by Julie

February 11-Budgeting Basics

March 17-Safety and Usage of Essential Oils

April 14-Homemade Soaps with Kay

May12-Downloading Books to your Kindle

June 9-Make Your Own July Wreath


To register please contact Ms. Iris Holland at 824-1210.  Classes begin at 5:30 PM.



Branch libraries FYI Classes are scheduled as follows:

Welsh-January 14, 2016-Adult Craft Time:  Drink Coaster Craft

Elton-January 19, 2016-Kick Starting the New Year:  Health Tips & Fun

Lake Arthur-February 4, 2016-Making Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards with Cheryl Ogea

To register call the library sponsoring the class:  Welsh  734-3262,  Elton  584-2640 and Lake Arthur  774-3661.

For the past thirteen years the Jefferson Davis Parish Library Board of Trustees & the Police Jury has focused its visionary efforts in many areas.   In 2006 new library buildings were opened in Elton and Lake Arthur.  In 2010 the McBurney Memorial Library in Welsh was renovated.  In 2011 a new Mobile Branch was purchased to satisfy a need for library services in the rural areas.   In 2014 the first floor of the historic Jennings Headquarters was renovated.  In 2016 the second story of the Jennings Headquarters will be renovated.


All building projects completed were the result of thorough planning and diligent budgeting.    The buildings, the library materials, and the furnishings have been provided to increase the services and the effectiveness of the library system.   The Jefferson Davis Board of Trustees and the Jefferson Davis Police Jury have been truly amazing in their vision of the best library services possible for the people of this parish.   If you see your police jurors or your library board members, stop and tell them thank you for their vision, patience in planning, and dedication!






December 2015

December Librarian’s Lines

Okay!  Everyone is saying the same thing that was said repeatedly last year at this time.  Where has the year gone?  Looking back I know all our librarians have had a remarkable year in the field of library science.   Knowing about books is a good thing, but serving the people of our parish is quite another.  I smile when I visit a library and hear the librarian say to a patron, “This new title came in yesterday and I thought of you right away!”  I just love witnessing the special care and attention our librarians’ give!  Our libraries are such a vast store of treasures!  Please know we relish our role in assisting you with your library needs.

Each year as the technological advances occur that allow for more online databases people are continually amazed at the wealth of information available! We have recently hired Renee Grantham as Librarian/Technologist.  She is working on providing easy-to-use brochures and direction sheets for using Cypress Resume’, Zinio and other online sources.   Sometimes patrons know about the databases but are not quite sure how to navigate the sites.   These “cheat sheets” will be of great assistance in removing any doubt in the use of such sites.  Additionally, she is providing the statistical data to support the increase in use of databases.  For instance, she looked into the patron utilization of Cypress Resume’.  This site allows a patron to enter employment history, education and training.   Secondly, the patron is able to select the title of a desired job.  There are 130 major industries and 93,000 job titles.  Finally, the patron can highlight personal talents and skills with special lists to select from.  In 2013 only 36 patrons utilized the Cypress Resume’ site.  In 2014 there was an increase to 99 patrons that utilized the site.   Surprisingly, the year 2015 has shown an increase to 447. We are happy to provide this service. We all welcome Renee Grantham for what she will be providing for our parish.  She is a retired school librarian with a Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from Louisiana State University.  Another effort she will be working on after the first of the year is the scheduling of classes to further the enhancement of patrons’ technology savvy.  Please contact her at 337-824-1210 if you have suggestions for a class of interest in the area.

Myra Spears has also joined our staff effective December 8, 2015 as a part-time worker.  We welcome her into the library world.  I am most assured that Ms. Spears will also prove to be an asset to our library system while working at the Lake Arthur Library Branch.

Christmas Cookbooks can be picked up free of charge.  I found some excellent new recipes to try for this holiday season.  The Library Staff and the Board of Trustees enjoy sharing their recipes as a way in which to thank you for your continued support of Jefferson Davis Parish Library System.

We are ending the year with completion of cataloging of new materials.  All libraries showcase new materials on the end panels of shelves.  Check out automated catalog to search for materials needed. Finally, I thought it would be nice to share the usage of Overdrive for e-books, audio and CDs.  We currently have had over 61,515 check-outs since we offered Overdrive in 2011 to our patrons.  What wonderful readers we have in Jefferson Davis Parish.  I am impressed.  Aren’t you?

May your holiday season be filled with peace and joy!  Come see us at YOUR library!!!


November 2015

November Librarian’s Lines
Dr. Linda LeBert-Corbello

Veteran’s Day gives all of us an opportunity to be grateful for the sacrifices of those who took time from their lives to serve their country and serve each of us. Over the years there have been many who did not return from their duty for they paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving their life for the freedoms we enjoy daily. I think pausing once a year is an honorable thing. Yet, I think that daily we should keep in mind the many men and women who continue to serve so courageously in various branches of military!

On Veteran’s Day the Jennings Headquarters honored one of its own with coffee and ‘patriotic’ doughnuts. Wendy Prather, Assistant Branch Manager in Jennings, is a five year veteran of the United States Army. Other veterans that came by the library were also invited to enjoy refreshments in our library. Our first veteran to be so honored was Alfonso Oakes.

Another veteran, Jaris Hollier, volunteered to re-install our American Flag. He enlisted the help of Louis Inman, Sr. and Richard Hoffpauir to reach the heights needed for the job to be completed. Mr. Louis Inman is also a veteran. Mr. Inman and Mr. Hoffpauir showed that a community can work together! Many thanks to all the volunteers for saving the day and getting our flag up and ready!

By December 31, 2015 Jefferson Davis Parish Library will be purging records. Any patron that has not checked out any library materials in three years will be deleted from the patron database. Current patrons will be asked to review with their contact information with their librarian. Any patron that will need a new library card will be provided one free of charge. Thank you for your patience with the updating of patron information.

Christmas Cookbooks will be ready on December 1, 2015. Once again the staff and the Library Board of Trustees have shared their favorite recipes to assist you in the enjoyment of the holiday season. Santa Claus will be scheduled to visit a number of library service spots during the three weeks prior to the Christmas holiday. Ms. Kay Hebert is setting up a display entitled Christmas Around the World Tour of Trees in the Jennings Headquarters basement. The month of December will be quite busy for all, but we invite all to come and visit your library for books, magazines, cookbooks, and holiday decorating books to add more excitement to your holiday season.

As always, know my door is open. If we do not have materials you need, contact me or another librarian. I can be reached at 824-1210. Enjoy the remainder of the year and the wonderful holidays to be celebrated!

October 2015

October Librarian’s Lines

Dr. Linda LeBert-Corbello

 I am seeing lots of orange pumpkins everywhere….a reminder that the year is fast approaching its end. Our employees are trying to complete 2015 projects, books are being cataloged daily, excellent programs for children and adults are offered and staff members are working on our Christmas Cookbook.  Jennings Headquarters continues to host R & R classes for adults.  Other branches have also started FYI classes for adults.  The topics are of a great variety.  Information can be picked up at the libraries on upcoming classes.  The Jennings Headquarters digital sign always has a post of the upcoming events.  Lake Arthur Library is in the process of having their digital sign established.  Other branches will receive digital signs in 2016.  We want to be sure that our public is aware of the many benefits of our library system.

Although our new library website is just beginning to grow into something better, be sure to check it out at: 


The new set-up of our website allows patrons easy access to resources, databases, e-books, music and many other things.

We also can be reached via our Facebook page. 

The Playaway Launch Pads are ready for circulation beginning October 26, 2015.  Every library will have a limited number of these Playaway Launch Pads.  Each pad is loaded with ten educational games and each is made for a certain age group.  The age groups include:  Ages 3-5, Ages 5-7, Ages 8-10 and Ages 10 plus.  The Launchpads are very durible!  There is a ‘Loan Agreement” that I am adding to this message in order for parents to be aware of their responsibilities when they check out the pads for their children.  Some of the policy may seem tough but it is important to cover all aspects of circulation due to the library’s responsibility to insure the Launchpads are used appropriately and returned in good condition. The Launchpads will be in Jefferson Davis Library canvas carrying bags.   We have used the Launchpads with children and grandchildren of our staff.  The children just pick up the Launchpads and play with them with no need for direction. Please come and utilize this new service.


Jefferson Davis Parish Library Playaway Launchpad Loan Agreement


I, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________________________________________________, understand and agree to the following rules and regulations concerning library Playaway Launchpad use:

  1. Borrowers are responsible for the Playaway Launchpad and will reimburse the library for any damages, up to and including the cost of the Playaway Launchpad. This includes having a lost Playaway Launchpad.
  2. Playaway Launchpads can only be checked out by an adult (18 years and above). Adults must have their library card and driver’s license.
  3. Checkout is only for a fourteen (14) day circulation period. Due to the popularity of the Playaway Launchpad there are no renewals  However, another Playaway Launchpad can be checked out.  This is to insure widespread opportunity of use for all children.
  4. It is very important and our desire to have the Playaway Launchpad returned in a timely manner. Fines for the Playaway Launchpad will be $2 per day.  The patron or family members will NOT be allowed checkout of any items until the Playaway Launchpad has been returned.  If any fines are accrued, the patron or family members will NOT be allowed checkout of any items until the fines for the Playaway Launchpad are paid in full.
  5. Playaway Launchpad should not be left unattended in the library. If borrowers must briefly leave the library or the area where they are using the Playaway Launchpad, they should leave the Playaway Launchpad at the checkout desk until they return.
  6. Playaway Launchpad must be returned to a staff member at the checkout desk when the loan period ends. The Playaway Launchpad is the borrower’s responsibility until it has been placed in the hands of a staff member.


_________________________________________                   _______________________________

Signature of Borrower                                                                                   Date


Contents include:

?             Launch Pad

?             Launch Pad case (orange)

?             Power cord and cable

?             Canvas carrying bag


We continue to serve with a happy spirit.  If we can provide you assistance in any way, feel free to contact any staff member or call me at 824-1210.  Until next month:  READ!!!

September 2015

September 2015 Librarian’s Lines

Dr. Linda LeBert-Corbello

Motivation and inspiration!  We all need motivation and inspiration in every aspect of our lives.   Recently, with the onslaught of so many heavy, negative events happening in the world on a daily basis, we definitely need motivation and inspiration.  It really does not matter what one’s career choice is or if one decides that they would rather be dedicated parent, an active community volunteer or a person who exists to perform the famous ‘random acts of kindness!  We need to focus on what is right and good in our world.  I pondered about our work at the library and actively believe that each employee knows the full reality of how their work benefits the lives of others.  Yet, I wanted to know more of what others find in libraries.  Here are my favorite quotes taken from GOODREADS at http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/library

  • “The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” Albert Einstein
  • “The very existence of Libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man.” S. Eliot
  • “Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.” Maya Angelou
  • “My library is an archive of longings.” Susan Sontag, As Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh:  Journals & Notebooks, 1964-1980.
  • “We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth.” John Lubbock, the Pleasures of Life.

And one quote that made me really think….

“I received the fundamentals of my education in school, but that was not enough.  My real education, the superstructure, the details, the true architecture, I got out of the public library.  For an impoverished child whose family could not afford to buy books, the library was the open door to wonder and achievement, and I can never be sufficiently grateful that I had the wit to charge through that door and make the most of it.  Now, when I read constantly about the way in which library funds are being cut and cut, I can only think that the door is closing and that American society has found one more way to destroy itself.”  Isaac Asimov, I, Asimov

Many people in our society would agree with these quotes.   I especially like the thought of the incredible role libraries and books play in the lives of people.  Whether one reads for recreation, research, genealogy exploration, planning of trips to other states or countries, it matters not.  Books and reading restore a broken soul, give insight into other ways of looking at life and situations, bring forth knowledge to all ages on all topics and motivate and inspire us all to reach for more than the remote control or the computer mouse.  Reach for the stars patrons and friends.   Our libraries have so much to offer to keep you inspired and motivated….what a lovely free gift.  Come and visit us at any of our branches.  For those who have not yet seen the Jennings renovations, come and see the simple elegance in an historic building.


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